Behringer XENYX 1003B Mixer

Premium Analog 10-Input Mixer with 5 Mic Preamps and Optional Battery Operation

The XENYX 1003B analogue mixer features 10 inputs, including five mic preamps allowing you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound that’s perfect for live, streaming, podcasting and recording. It provides warm and ultra-musical sound thanks to its award-winning XENYX microphone preamps featuring 48V phantom power for connecting even hi-end studio microphones. The optional battery operation allows you to achieve great sounding mixes wherever the performance may take you.

The 1003B is great for mobile mixes or recording when powering the mixer with standard 9V batteries. The ultimate on-the-go recording setup allows you to mix up to 10 sources. The outputs deliver crystal-clear audio for monitoring via headphones or on high-quality RCA and impedance-balanced ¼” TRS jack connectors. Each channel on the 1003B features a dedicated 60-mm fader for precise control over that channel’s level. The 3-band channel EQ allows for precise and musical sound shaping for any input signal. An integrated post-fader FX send control per channel lets you plug in any external FX processor of your choice for added flexibility. The monitor bus sums up the channel signals before fader and EQ, for creating an independent monitor mix.

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