Be Heard at the Back of the Room.

At Australis we have developed and installed audio solutions of various scales that cater to a wide range of operational needs ranging from schools, colleges and universities right through to dance and dramatic academies.

We are able to specifically design systems to suit all kinds of halls and /or music rooms, ensuring the best possible sound for your educational needs.

Having a high quality audio system can help to create impactful theatre and live music productions – giving a space for students and teachers to create and deliver memorable performances.


From portable battery PA's for the one-man-show, right up to campus wide paging and auditorium systems, we have a solution for every need your education institution may have.

X32 Rack and X-Air

Small, but incredibly powerful, rack-mountable mixers perfectly suited for both live sound and studio applications, with MIDAS-designed mic preamps and a lightning-fast, bidirectional USB Audio Interface.

X32, WING & Flow-8

PLug and play mixing consoles for every application and space.

Macquarie University

Rethinking what is possible

Managing the project in-house from start to finish, Iain Brew – Clinical AV & IT Coordinator, worked with faculty staff to conduct a full audit of all AV and technical systems, to establish what they would require in order to facilitate transforming the faculty to the highest standard. Numerous products were used to provide a range of solutions;

The most significant piece of equipment regarding audio control and processing was the Behringer X32 RACK.

Changing the game entirely
Iain Brew had previously used a Behringer X32 console for live events at the university, including multimedia presentations and student music and dance functions. When looking at refreshing the AV system in the Surgical Skills Lab, Iain stated “the Behringer X32 was the logical choice as it offered plenty of I/O at a competitive price point, including tonnes of processing power. The system is now the heart of our audio solution for the Surgical Skills Lab and we couldn’t be happier”.

Monash University

Monash University chose the Lab.Gruppen Lucia amplifier for its small form factor, RS232 control and on board DSP.

Paired with the Tannoy DVS speakers, they have implemented a high quality yet cost effective audio solution for their numerous huddle spaces and meeting rooms around campus.

UTS Sydney

Installer: Concept AV.

A large scale project with over 25 teaching space comprised of formal and informal learning areas built around a central walkway that needed a world class audio system to meet the requiremets of teaching staff and to enhace the student learning experience. Tannoy OCV, VX, CVS speakers were part of the final PA solution.

Trinity Grammar School

Installer: Sydney Systems Integrator Corporate Technical Services

Working with a design from Sydney Consultancy Konnectus, CorpTechServ installed a pair or TOA HX7 Weather resistant line arrays and FB150’s subwoofers on the balcony of the campus’ historic main building. Needing to cover the outdoor assembly area the variable dispersion of the HX7 arrays allowed the sound to be aimed at the audience and the ability to mount the speakers and subwoofers from one hanging frame per side made installation a simple affair.

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