You might already be eligible for $100,000.

If you are a registered educational instution with the government, you are eligible for up to $100,000 worth of Musical Instruments and Audio Gear for your school on a new 2 year finance lease.

Introducing the opportunity for schools and musical institutions to advance their music programs with simple monthly payments with incredibly flexible end of lease options. 

Build you own package with prices for gear starting at as little as $7 per month!

| Quality Brands for your School.

Build Your Package.

Use our easy to follow calculator, with prices starting from $7 per month, to build your school instrument program.
Choose from our top sellers, and be confident that you are selecting the best products for your program and school sound systems.

We have guitars, pianos, brass and wind, PA speakers, announcement systems - single and multi zone, right through to paging and megaphones for sports days to suit any requirement.

Musical Instruments

If you're running a rock school type band program, offer guitar, drum and percussion lessons we have got a range of instruments to suit.

For young/early beginners using Classical Guitars - we have a range that has jumbo frets and nylon strings which are easier to learn on - we over 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes as well as standard full size for all ages to learn easily.

For guitarists whether Acoustic, Electric or Bass we have different shape and priced options to make sure the guitars suit what you are wanting to offer.

Classical Instruments

If you're looking for instruments to fulfil a more classical program we can offer flutes, clarients and other brass instruments , as well as a range of keyboards, pianos and violins perfect for students and performers, all under the prestigious Australian brand of Beale, since 1892. 

"Beale Violins offer dependable instruments for players at student level, with warm yet bright consistent tonalities and a comfortable set-up, providing the basis for ease of technical facility and playability.  These reliable, value for money instruments allow for a perfect introduction to the art of violin playing."

- Stephanie Zarka
Qualified Music Teacher

Audio & Address

There are not many comprehensive manufacturers of communication, public address and security systems in the market today. There are even fewer that can claim a corporate
history that extends back to 1934 when TOA was founded.

We can offer products from a range of Pro Audio brands alongside TOA that are designed to value engineer a system that can incorporate paging, address, evacuation and music into different zones of your school.  

We also offer products for auditoriums and performance spaces - even if they are outdoors and need to be waterproofed - right through to portable battery operated PA speaker systems and megaphones for sports and recreational days.

What we can Offer you.

  • 2 Year lease terms with monthly payments for schools and institutions to spread the costs for a range of musical instruments and audio equipment.
  • Easy standards to attain pre-approval for up to $100,000 purchase value, with a minimum order value of $5,000.
  • Instruments starting from just $7 per month, making it affordable for more students.

Our partners can connect you with authorised local retailers, or agents that facilitate post-purchase servicing, as well as other benefits of consumables during your lease term - or even competitive insurance packages making sure your gear is alwasy covered.

| End of Lease Options

1. Reset & Forget

• When you want to reset your 2 Year lease – simply hand back all your instruments and get a completely new set with the same or adjusted quantities.

• Signing back onto the program in this way will afford you improved pricing.

2. Student Buy Outs

• When you want to reset your 2 Year lease but there are some students that would like to buy-out the lease on their individual instruments.

• No problems, we can quote a buy-out price per instrument for you to purchase on behalf of the student.

3. Half / Half

• When you’re keen to refresh the instruments that need replacing but feel there are some that will easily last another 2 Year term.

• You return the stock that you wish to refresh and we will establish a new lease agreement on brand new instruments. We can negotiate special pricing on stock that is
remaining in the programme for another term.

4. Return

• When you have implemented a BYOI program where students have their own instruments and you no longer require the lease option for your music program.

• You return all stock in adequate (less normal wear and tear) condition back to Australis, and once confirmed, payments cease.

| Brands you can Trust.

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On of our team will get back in contact with you to discuss options, partners and what we can help you achieve with your school and education program.


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