TC Helicon Go-XLR White

The worlds leading online broadcast system now available in white

When it was first released, the original GoXLR took the industry by storm and allowed streamers and broadcasters to condense what would take dozens of pieces of hardware and software into one sleek and intuitive solution. Today, that same amazing solution now comes in a dazzling white finish that perfectly fits in with that clean and pristine streaming setup. GoXLR-WH gives you control of your audio like never before. With a 4-channel mixer, you can control the volume of all your audio sources in real time so you can keep your focus where it needs to be. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or are brand new, the GoXLR App features simple and easy-to-use controls to get you up and running quickly with advanced options for those who want more control over their sound. We built the GoXLR App from the ground up just for broadcasters and gamers. Use the app to control and recall all your settings quickly and seamlessly.

GoXLR MINI-WH is an intuitive all-in-one audio interface for live streamers and content creators now in a sweet white enclosure perfect for those ultra-clean setups. Designed specifically for an online creator’s workflow, GoXLR MINI-WH establishes multiple USB audio devices in Windows so you can control your app volumes individually. Our award-winning Midas preamps are quiet and versatile—perfect for any voice and microphone. Whether you’re an established creator with a multi-PC setup, or just getting started, GoXLR MINI-WH has all the inputs and outputs to grow with you. With GoXLR MINI-WH, simply download the Windows app, plug in, assign your programs, and you’re ready to go! It has never been easier to control your audio, so you and your content sound their best. With the GoXLR MINI-WH App, you can customize lighting, audio routing, mute modes, and more. Shift gears from gaming, to creating, to working by simply loading a new profile. Studio quality vocal effects used by pro musicians.

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