TC Electronic Ampworx High Gain

Three Flavours of Pure High-Gain Rock

From classic rock tones to thunderous low-end punches, TC Electronic present three exceptional beasts that capture the essence of three iconic amps. The AMPWORX HI-GAIN Series are preamp pedals built to celebrate the rich legacy of guitar-driven rock. Using the Ampworx component-based modelling technology, TC meticulously replicated the unmistakable guitar tone of three amps in three separate compact stomp boxes. The overall idea is simple: One amp, one pedal.

If your riffs demand a thunderous low-end punch and great picking articulation - look no further. TC have captured the amp's unmistakable sound and exhilarating experience that helped shape the metal, grunge, and rock music of the 90s. DUAL WRECK is here! Utilizing TC Electronics advanced Ampworx component-based modeling technology, they captured the unmistakable sound and exhilarating experience of the amp that helped shape metal, grunge, and rock music of the 90s. Once the perfect sound was achieved and ensured an authentic look and feel, TC went a step further by incorporating a few custom modifications that elevate the DUAL WRECK to new heights, while preserving the spirit and distinctive sonic fingerprint of the original amp.

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JIMS 800 pays tribute to classic, guitar-driven rock. So, brace yourself as an unparalleled rock guitar tone gets up in your face! Harnessing the cutting-edge TC Ampworx component-based modelling technology, they successfully encapsulated the prowess of a glorious and iconic guitar head from the 80’s – all within a compact pedal. You’ll get the power of that era's unmistakable guitar tone right at your feet. However, TC’s commitment to delivering the ultimate guitar-hero experience went beyond merely reproducing the sound. They took great care to preserve the pedal's authentic look and feel, remaining true to the original amplifier. Every detail, from the control layout to the overall design, has been meticulously crafted to evoke nostalgia, as well as give an intuitive and familiar interface. But why stop there? Why not enhance the guitar-playing experience without compromising the original tone and vibe? Well, TC added a few ingenious additions that will enhance life for guitarists, uniting the best from the original amp with added modern and versatile features.

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Introducing the V550 preamp pedal that embodies a charismatic sonic profile reminiscent of the original tapping guitar god: Eddie van Halen. The foundation of the V550 is rooted in a true modern amp classic from the 90s, and TC went ‘that extra mile’ over and over again in our quest to model the essence of this amp. TC were committed to reaching perfection, ensuring that every aspect of the sound, look, and feel was flawlessly executed before presenting you with this high-gain monster of a pedal. Not only did they achieve that, but we also went above and beyond by incorporating a few additional features. In conclusion, once you plug into V550, you’re gonna love it!

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