Epiphone 150th Anniversary Models

Celebrating 150 years of one of the most iconic guitar brands in history.

From the timeless cool of the jazz age through the looking glass of 1960s psychedelia to the wall of sound of 1990s Britpop and today’s eclectic scene, Epiphone instruments have remained central to pop culture’s “big bang” moments. The Casino, the Texan, the Sheraton, the Riviera – model names that chime with guitarists everywhere, inspiring awe and desire in equal measure, whether you are a Beatle or a beginner. What most people don’t realize, however, is that Epiphone’s history stretches back even further than Gibson’s. Moving into 2023, Epiphone has grand plans for its 150th Anniversary year, including a raft of exciting new product releases, special events, activities with signature artists, and much more besides.⁠

To celebrate this momentous milestone Epiphone released 4 limited edition models, modern re-creations of their vintage best. The Crestwood Custom in California Coral, the Wilshire in Pacific Blue, the Sheraton in Cherry and the Zephyr DeLuxe Regent in Aged Antique Natural. Only 420 units of model will be available worldwide. Epiphone Australia will spotlighting each unique model over the next few days. Here’s to the next 150 years.⁠

The Epiphone 150th Anniversary Models are only available in very limited quantities in Australia. For more information on these limited edition guitars please contact your nearest Epiphone delaer.

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