Behringer UL1000 G2 & Mic Link

Two new utility products from Behringer

UL1000 G2

High-Performance UHF Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System

Imagine diving into the world of ultimate convenience and control with the UL 1000G2 IEM system. It's your perfect sidekick for cable-free and hassle-free live performances and studio setups. Behringer's top-of-the-line IEM system delivers exceptional audio quality that allows you to make confident decisions. With a range of pro-level features, including:

  • Mono/Stereo modes
  • Squelch control
  • Stereo Mix
  • Gain control
  • Easy channel selection
  • Super intuitive operation
  • Operating Frequency Range - 584 - 608MHz

UL 1000G2 has everything you need to elevate your audio game. 

To learn more about the UL1000 G2 please click here

Mic Link

Compact Dynamic Microphone Booster with High-Quality Preamp

Give your mic a boost and get all the headroom you need with the Behringer MIC LINK, a compact dynamic microphone booster that can fit in any studio or touring setup! The MIC LINK is exactly the tool you need to get a crisp and clean microphone signal in a robust and dependable package.

To learn more about the Behringer Mic Link please click here

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