AMG Welcomes Neural DSP

As of 4th April 2024, Australis Music Group (AMG) has become the exclusive distributor of Neural DSP for Australia and the Pacific Islands

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Neural DSP have developed the most sophisticated guitar amp modelling software on the market through their mission statement of “Algorithmically Perfect”.  The introduction of Quad Cortex, the most powerful floorboard amp modeller on the planet,  cemented Neural DSP's position as market leader for ultra-realistic amp models.

Mark Wilson, General Manager - Brands & Assets for AMG, stated "Neural DSP are at the bleeding edge of amp modelling technology. The Quad Cortex is the go-to amp modeler for professional musicians, and Neural Capture is changing how the industry uses traditional guitar and bass rigs, both live and in the studio. The Quad Cortex will make a digital convert of the most devoutly analogue player."

"We are honoured and excited to have Neural DSP join our comprehensive guitar and guitar amp brand portfolio. We look forward to increasing availability, accessibility and artist support to the NEURAL DSP platform in the Australian and Pacific Island territories."

AMG expects to have stock in our Sydney warehouse mid-April. All product warranties and servicing should now be directed to AMG. For more information about Neural DSP and AMG please visit the Neural DSP brand page

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